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What 5 Tips Can Prepare Me for My Plastic Surgery?

Posted in Preparing for Plastic Surgery

3 Minute Read:

Going in for plastic surgery can feel exciting; however, it can also be overwhelming. You are likely to have many questions about what you can do to make the procedure and recovery go as smoothly as possible. 

Luckily, we have prepared a list of five crucial pre-surgical steps you can take to help you have the best surgery possible.

Woman getting lines drawn on face, as is for facial plastic surgery.

1. Talk to Your Surgeon About Medications

If you are taking any medications or herbal supplements, you should mention these to your plastic surgeon during your consultation. 

If your prescription or supplement has the possibility of interfering with your surgery, your doctor will request that you stop taking them before your operation (the length will vary on the medication in question). 

The reason for this precaution is that some medications and supplements can lead to surgical complications. For example, a blood-thinning medicine can lead to excessive and dangerous blood loss.

2. Stop Smoking

If you are a regular or infrequent smoker, you will need to stop smoking two to six weeks before the surgery. There are three main reasons why you need to stop smoking before surgery:

  1. It can lead to anesthesia complications
  2. The heart must work harder
  3. Wounds take longer to heal

Smoking before surgery puts the patient at a higher risk for post-surgery heart attacks, blood clots, pneumonia, and even death.

3. Stop Drinking

In addition to quitting smoking, patients should also stop drinking three to four weeks before surgery. Drinking leading up to surgery can add to serious surgical complications, such as:

  • Reduced heart and immune system functions
  • Prolong bleeding time
  • Increase the body’s stress response

To avoid these dangerous and unnecessary complications, patients are recommended to remain sober leading up to their procedure.

4. Create a Recovery Plan

One of the most important parts of your procedure will be your plastic surgery recovery. To have optimal results and a quick, healthy recovery, you need to have a plan in place. Ensure you have a recovery location ready three to seven days before your surgery. This is where you will stay and recover after you’ve been released from the hospital.

5. Get Help

It’s important to understand that you will need assistance after your surgery. As you recover, you likely won’t be able to cook, clean, take care of kids, and potentially shower on your own. Ensure you have someone ready to assist you for the first few days after your operation. 

It’s also highly recommended that someone watches you the first 24 hours post-surgery, just in case.

Curious About Your Plastic Surgery Results?

If you are interested in seeing the types of results possible with plastic surgery, check out our before and after photo gallery.

Before and after image showing the results of a facelift performed in Beverly Hills, CA.

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