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Brow Lift

brow lift beverly hillsOne of the first facial characteristics people notice is the eyes because they’re essential for nonverbal communication. The eye area tends to show evidence of aging before other parts of the face, especially if the eyebrows appear heavy or droopy. Sagging eyebrows can produce an upset or exhausted appearance, and they obscure youthful facial contours. Patients who opt for brow lift surgery enjoy a rejuvenated gaze, pleasing facial balance, and improved self-confidence.


Patients who wish to revitalize their appearance with a brow lift must be in good health and have realistic expectations of the surgery. This procedure does not address eyelid imperfections such as drooping eyelids and puffiness, so patients who wish to correct those issues may want to consider combining their brow lift with blepharoplasty. During your private consultation with Dr. Renato Calabria in Beverly Hills, Palm Springs or Italy, he will assess your current condition and develop a surgical plan tailored to your needs. Ideal candidates for brow lift surgery may have one or more of the following:

  • Sagging eyebrows
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Obstructed vision caused by drooping eyebrows


A brow lift should produce subtle enhancement so as not to alter a patient’s natural facial qualities. To avoid an “overdone” or distorted result, Dr. Calabria performs an endoscopic brow lift. An endoscopic brow lift is a minimally invasive procedure that involves inserting a tiny camera through small incisions in the scalp to adjust and tighten underlying tissues. Because the incisions are much smaller than those of a traditional brow lift, there is a lower risk of numbness and a faster recovery period.


Brow lift patients will need to rest for a few days after surgery. Cold compresses may be used to minimize side effects such as swelling. Gentle activity is recommended during the first week of recovery because it promotes blood circulation and lowers the risk of blood clots. Patients must avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting for at least one month. During your initial consultation with Dr. Calabria, you will receive detailed aftercare directions that include how to care for your post-op incisions and what pain medications you can take.


It may take up to six months to see the final results of your brow lift surgery. There is no visible scarring because all incisions are placed behind the hairline. While this facial rejuvenation procedure is considered to be permanent, it does not prevent aging from occurring after surgery. It is recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle, including consistent sun protection and smoking cessation, to preserve your brow lift results.


For more information about brow lift surgery and other facial rejuvenation procedures, please contact our Beverly Hills office at 310.879.1488, our Rancho Mirage office at 760.836.0077, or our Rome, Italy location at 39.349.4662323.