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With traditional facelift surgery (“rhytidectomy”), facial fat is removed and excess skin is pulled in a lateral direction. The unnatural, “wind swept” appearance of many face lift patients is caused by this technique.

A newer, less invasive method of facial rejuvenation, Vertical Facelift surgery with Dr. Calabria in Beverly Hills, is performed through two discreet incisions. With the careful placement of sutures in a strategized position, the face can heal more rapidly and appear more youthful than with a traditional face lift.

Wind Swept Look

The most difficult problem to solve. The deep tissues need to be repositioned in a more vertical vector; this is accomplished with Dr. Calabria’s Vertical Face Lift in Beverly Hills, Palm Springs and Italy. Dr. Calabria studies old images of the patient in their twenties and recreates a more youthful look by reversing the anatomy to the original shape. The cheek, fat and muscles are repositioned vertically. In addition, micro fat grafting is injected in the cheek area to “volumize” the face.

Hollow Eyes

The lower eyelid hollow needs to be corrected by repositioning the orbicularis muscle and by filling the space with micro fat grafting to recreate a fuller lower eye lid. Routinely a cantopexy is performed to reposition the lower lid which is usually pulled down causing the so called “scleral show”.

Aging Forehead

The forehead aging is correct with an endoscopic brow lift: this procedure will not only reposition the eyebrow but it will also improve the rounder shape of the eyes, making them more open and more almond shape.

Hyperthrophic Scarring

The suspenders face lift will eliminate the tension at closure lines and it will minimize previous scarring.

Flattening Of The Cheeks

Redirecting the vector of pull to vertical and “volumizing the face” will be crucial to correct this problem.

Achieving balance, harmony and a natural look by addressing all the problems caused by traditional facelift surgery and correcting them is essential: the vertical face lift along with the breakthrough procedures we have described are the solutions.


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