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Category: Blepharoplasty

Do I Need Eyelid Surgery, a Brow Lift, or Both?

4 Minute Read: With so many different plastic surgery procedures and cosmetic treatments available to men and women, it can often be difficult to know just which option is right for you.  This is especially true with facial procedures.  An example of this is facelift surgery.  Despite its name, a facelift only helps correct the […]

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How to Look Younger With Eyelid Surgery

Aging can affect each facial feature differently. In the eyelids, the ligaments and muscles may become lax, the fat pads may protrude, and the skin may become loose or develop textural changes over the years.Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, can correct these signs of aging and help you appear younger. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. […]

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7 Surgical Procedures That Enhance Facial Attractiveness

Looking your best was never more possible with all the plastic surgery procedures available today. The following surgical procedures can enhance your facial attractiveness with long lasting to permanent results. 1. Facelift Surgery A facelift enhances facial attractiveness by helping you look more youthful. A sample study reveals that people believe women are most beautiful […]

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