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Category: Plastic Surgery

Hollywood’s New Natural

The age of inflation is over in Tinseltown, where the over-plumped faces of yore are leading to increasingly diminished returns for celebrities and surgeons alike. The new beauty ideal is easy, fresh, and relatable. The prototype could be a mash-up of Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Blake Lively, and Zoe Saldana, all of whom are gorgeous, […]

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Introducing the Suspenders Facelift

The challenge for every facelift surgeon is to produce natural-looking results. No patient wants it to be obvious that a facelift surgery was performed, but every patient wants a naturally youthful appearance. While facelift scars have always been a dead giveaway, a new and revolutionary facelift technique known as the “suspenders facelift” can now produce […]

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Breast Augmentation Options for Women Under 22

While it takes some people a while to figure out what they want, others know what they want from a young age. Young women who already know they want breast augmentation do not have to wait until they are old enough to qualify for silicone implants. Women under the age of 22 can undergo breast […]

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Your Facelift and Your Future

People often look at facelift surgery as a way of bringing back the past and recapturing a formerly youthful appearance. But the right facelift technique is something more than this: it sets you up for the future. Dr. Calabria’s Adjustable Facelift restores a youthful facial appearance while also preparing the face for future enhancement without […]

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Treatment for Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles are among the first signs of aging. The best way to treat forehead wrinkles is through either regular use of BOTOX® Cosmetic or an endoscopic brow lift. The following information will help you understand each treatment option and how they could benefit you. Forehead Aging Wrinkles across the forehead usually indicate that your […]

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