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Breast Augmentation Options for Women Under 22

Posted February 28, 2017 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting, Fat Grafting / Fat Transfer, Plastic Surgery

Breast Augmentation Before and After PhotosWhile it takes some people a while to figure out what they want, others know what they want from a young age. Young women who already know they want breast augmentation do not have to wait until they are old enough to qualify for silicone implants. Women under the age of 22 can undergo breast augmentation now with either saline implants or fat grafting.

Saline Implants

The FDA has approved the use of saline breast implants in women as young as 18. For the driven young adult woman who knows she wants breast implants, saline implants are an excellent option. Not only are they more affordable than silicone, but saline breast implants also offer a lot of versatility when it comes to sizing and surgical technique. For instance, saline implants can be filled after they are inserted into the breasts, making the sizing process completely adjustable mid-operation. It is easier to achieve a precise size when a surgeon has the flexibility to adjust the size mid-surgery to meet your goals. Another example of their versatility is that saline implants can be used with any surgical technique. This allows you more freedom when selecting your surgical approach, giving you the option of minimal scar techniques such as transaxillary or periareolar incisions. Saline implants are an excellent option for breast augmentation for women under 22.

Fat Grafting

An increasingly popular trend these days is a procedure called fat transfer or fat grafting. In this procedure, fat is harvested from other parts of the body using liposuction and then reinjected into the breasts or another area. Breast augmentation with fat grafting delivers natural-looking, subtle results that can increase your breast size and satisfy your desire for fuller breasts. The results are incredibly long lasting, and an added bonus is that patients will not need to be concerned with the potential need for subsequent breast revision surgery to correct implant-related surgical complications. Women of any age can undergo breast augmentation with fat transfer.

Waiting Until Age 22

While saline implants and fat grafting are excellent procedures, each has its pros and cons. There is a possibility that neither of these options is ideal for you. If that is the case, the option of waiting until age 22 remains. At this point in life, women can receive breast augmentation with silicone implants, which gives them the fullest range of currently available choices for breast augmentation. Dr. Calabria can help you assess your goals and determine whether saline implants, fat grafting, or waiting until you are 22 is the best option for you.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria performs breast augmentation with a variety of techniques on women of all ages. For an expert opinion and to determine which option is best for you, request your personal consultation with Dr. Calabria. Contact Dr. Calabria online or call 310.777.0069 (Beverly Hills) or 760.836.0077 (Palm Springs) to schedule your appointment today.

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