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Category: Plastic Surgery for Men

Cosmetic Procedures for the Modern Man

Cosmetic surgery has traditionally been seen as something just for women, but in today’s society, that belief has shifted. More and more men see the benefits of cosmetic enhancements, and more and more men are seeking procedures to help treat and manage the aesthetic conditions they are experiencing. We’ve also seen an increase in the […]

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Introducing the Suspenders Facelift

The challenge for every facelift surgeon is to produce natural-looking results. No patient wants it to be obvious that a facelift surgery was performed, but every patient wants a naturally youthful appearance. While facelift scars have always been a dead giveaway, a new and revolutionary facelift technique known as the “suspenders facelift” can now produce […]

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Male Face Lift: A New Trend in Hollywood and the World

Society is often disposed to mimic what it sees in Hollywood.  The entertainment industry sets many of the new trends we see out there. This has definitely been the case for male face lift with more and more male actors getting face lifts everyday.   Hollywood heartthrobs want to keep the competitive edge of youth […]

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