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Ten Secrets Your Plastic Surgeon Will Never Tell You About Breast Surgery

Posted in Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Revision, Fat Grafting / Fat Transfer


Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, and there are a lot of detailed information on the internet about all you need to know, from the type of breast implants to the different breast augmentation procedures available, from recovery time to cost. But I bet, despite all your diligent research, you did not know about these ten important facts about breast augmentation, breast revision, and breast lift.

Number 10: You will require more than one operation, guaranteed!

Many plastic surgeons will depict a perfect scenario where they fail to mention the fact that it is guaranteed that you will have to replace your implants at least once in your lifetime if not more. Implants don’t last a lifetime like some plastic surgeons may imply. Ninety percent of breast implants are leaking after ten years, and therefore they need to be replaced periodically.

Number 9: Large breast implants have a higher incidence of problems!

Large breasts seems to be popular in today’s world. A lot of women seek to reach very large dimensions on their breasts and plastic surgeons are trying to accommodate their wishes placing breast implants that are definitely too big for them. It is not only a matter of proportions but large implants cause more complications like rippling but more importantly the excessive weight will cause the breast skin to stretch much more. This will eventually become so evident that the breast will look deformed. Anything more than a C cup breast will require, with time, a breast lift. The bigger the breast implants, the shorter the time by which the patient will need a breast lift. Breast lift scars are much more visible than the breast augmentation scar therefore the more you can postpone or avoid the breast lift, the better it is.

Number 8: Scar tissue around the implants can occur up to 80 percent of the breast augmentation cases.

Scar tissue around the breast implants occurs in most of the cases. In many cases, this scar tissue will cause a capsular contracture or a capsular contracture which means that the breast will get firmer to the point it may even hurt to touch. The pain may also be present constantly. The incidence of capsular contracture may vary from 5 to 65 percent. The treatment consists of removal of the scar tissue with a procedure called capsulectomy. Even after removal, there is no guarantee that it will never happen again. In fact, it is just the opposite. It can re-occur many times.

Number 7: You will be required to monitor the breast often, and the only way to tell if the implants are leaking is an MRI.

The patient needs to know that after breast augmentation surgery, she will be required to monitor her breasts often and if she does not have any insurance this may be costly because the only reliable test to make 100 per cent sure that the implants are not ruptured is an MRI.

Number 6: The breast implants may be masking a potential breast cancer.

Even if we are getting very sophisticated with radiological imaging, there is no question that the breast implants may cover partially some of the breast tissue therefore not visible to the test. If the breast implant is over the pectoralis muscles, it is worse. If it is under the muscles, it could be up to 10 to 15 percent of the breast tissue covered by the implants. It is true, though, that women that have breast implants have a lower incidence of breast cancer for the simple reason that they are monitored more often.

Number 5: Breastfeeding may be impaired.

Despite many women that have breast implants went ahead and breastfed regularly, there is a slight decrease of probabilities of being able to breastfeed.

Number 4: Belly bottom breast augmentation may not be the best approach

For a while, belly bottom breast augmentation was very fashionable, not anymore. The reasons are that it was much more difficult to perform and it was done in a blunt technique so the results were not as good, but also because with the change to silicone implants it became impossible to fit them in the small scar. Furthermore, the manufacture’s companies will not provide insurance for breast implants introduces by the belly bottom because too much pressure would be applied to the implants in the effort to fit them through the incision.

Number 3: Breast augmentation with fat is more natural, and there are fewer complications.

Breast augmentation with fat is very fashionable lately. It is true that could be a valid alternative to the classic breast augmentation with implants, but there are some facts that you have to keep in mind. The fat placed in the breast may not survive therefore you may require multiple surgeries. Also, and more importantly, the fat can die and cause calcifications in the breast. This may be difficult to assess (even though we are getting better at it) and to distinguish from cancer. Keep in mind that the breast augmentation with implants will give you a perkier and more youthful look versus the one with fat alone which it is more subtle. Also, keep in mind that you can only go up one cup size or two. When you inject a lot of fat, the incidence of fat necrosis is higher. Breast augmentation with fat or stem cells is a good alternative for a patient that had multiple incidences of capsular contractures and the implants are no longer the best option.

Number 2: Multiple surgeries on your breast may cause issues with internal scarring, so you have to be more careful when you have a revision surgery.

The more we operate on the breasts, the more scarring we cause. This mean that the blood supply can be impaired. This means that repetitive surgeries require more attention, from the surgeon’s standpoint (and, therefore, an experienced surgeon is required), to the blood supply because the risk of poor healing is greater.

Number 1: Teardrop implants can displace

Teardrop implants are a good idea conceptually, but in practicality they are much more difficult to position, and if they move, like often happens, they cause a significant deformity that will require revision surgery. Round implants are much easier to manage, and nothing happens if they rotate.

Women need to know the pro and cons about breast augmentation; too many times the surgeon is too cavalier about of possible risks. The truth is that a patient who is well-informed is a better patient, and she can deal with problems much better than an uninformed one. The prove is that despite all these negative factors, breast augmentation as a favorable response in more than 90 percent of patients.

Dr. Calabria is a very experienced breast surgeon in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Not only will he provide you with excellent techniques options, but, more importantly, will also guide you in choosing the best option for you not only in short terms but also in the long run. Dr. Calabria will give you advice to make sure you will not regret having made this difficult decision.

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