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Stem and Regenerative Cell Bank

Posted February 10, 2015 in Stem Cell Facelift

Why it makes sense to preserve your own fat

Dr. Calabria is honored to announce that he was named the “preferred provider plastic surgeon” for Beverly Hills for the first stem and regenerative cell bank in the world. Dr. Calabria has been on the forefront of regenerative plastic surgery, a new branch of plastic surgery that uses stem and regenerative cells for rejuvenation procedures.

He has performed one of the first “stem cell facelift ” in the world in Italy and he has pioneered the new “cell-enhanced face lift” which combines the vertical face lift with stem and regenerative cells facial rejuvenation with a break trough technology from Cytori including the “pure graft” system in the U.S. and the “Celution” device in Europe.

Now Dr.Calabria has been able to offer for the first time in Beverly Hills the possibility of storing your own adipose tissue (fat) and stem and regenerative cells for future use. Until today the fat has been traditionally thrown away as medical waste. With this new technology we are now able to maintain these youthful cells for a life time.

Dr.Calabria is relying more and more on the use of adipose tissue ( fat) and stem and regenerative cell for facial, breast and body cosmetic procedures because it offers a more natural alternative over foreign and synthetic material which can cause risks to the patient. It is a very straight forward process: The adipose tissue is extracted during liposuction and then processed and cryogenically preserved. If the patient desires to preserve stem cell directly the fat is processed in a different way separating the stem and regenerative cells for cryogenic preservation with a system called “Pure Graft” by Cytori.

The stem and regenerative cells are preserved and stored in a state of suspended animation in cryopreservation and their potency is preserved for years and, theoretically, indefinite. By storing healthy tissues today, the patient will avoid undergoing extra liposuction in the future which means that you can store youthful cells of today for use five, ten, twenty years from now.

With the current progress of tissue technology, Dr.Calabria sees a not to far away future in which regenerative plastic surgery will offer alternatives not even imaginable now. Why preserve fat for the future? These are the current and future possibilities in plastic and cosmetic surgery: Facial augmentation and rejuvenation, breast augmentation and rejuvenation, treatment of asymmetric breasts, breast cancer reconstruction, post liposuction asymmetry, body asymmetry, and wound care.

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