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What is the difference between the one stitch face lift and the thread lift?

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What is the difference between the one stitch face lift and the thread lift?

The one stitch face lift is a minimally invasive procedure invented by Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria with the scope of rejuvenating the aging face with the shortest down time possible.

The effect is similar to placing your index finger on the cheek area and pulling skin upward.

How many times have you looked in the mirror and dine that exact thing –  Dreaming of how nice it would be to have that look?

The One Stitch is often mistaken by patients and plastic surgeons alike for the thread lift or similar procedures where thread or barbed sutures are inserted through the skin of the face in the effort to pull it tight. These procedures are not effective at all and last a few weeks at the most. Furthermore, this approach can cause dents, irregular skin contour, infection and palpable knots.

The one stitch face lift, despite the name, does not use threads or barbed sutures but the patient’s own skin which is de-epithelialized and used as a handle to move up the sagging jowls and cheeks into a more youthful position. It is done under local anesthesia through a tiny incision in the sideburn area. Once the skin is undermined, the excess skin is de-epithelialized and then a tunnel is created in the temporal area and the flap is passed through it and anchored in place with one stich. (hence the name). The excess skin is actually removed therefore the results are long lasting.

The one stitch face lift is truly” lunch time” lift and with the down time being no longer than a week-end and offering excellent results.

Don’t get confused with the thread- lift or those barbed suture procedures which will not last more than a few weeks!

Get the real thing!

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