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Nose Problems That Can Be Fixed With Rhinoplasty

Posted in Rhinoplasty

The nose is an easy target of dislike due to its prominent location. Dissatisfaction with the shape, angle, size, and other characteristics of the nose is common. Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is a highly popular plastic surgery procedure that can fix a number of nose problems that range in nature from cosmetic to functional.

Rhinoplasty Before and After Photos

Correction of Cosmetic Problems

Nasal characteristics such as irregular width, shape, or size can detract from your appearance. Rhinoplasty can correct cosmetic issues to improve the appearance of the nose and bring it into harmony with the surrounding facial features. In enhancing the nose, which is prominently and centrally featured on your face, rhinoplasty can boost your overall attractiveness. The following are common complaints that individuals have regarding their noses, and all of these can be corrected with rhinoplasty.

  • Width of the Nose: A nose that is too wide or too narrow looks out of balance with the rest of the face. Rhinoplasty can improve the width of the nose so that it looks more natural and harmonious.
  • Shape of the Nose: Noses vary widely in shape, and a nasal shape that is attractive on one face may not look attractive on another. Dr. Calabria can adjust the shape of your nose so that it flatters your face in the most naturally attractive way.
  • Nasal Tip: Individuals may be dissatisfied with their nose if it is has a weak tip, a flat tip, a bulbous tip, or a pointed tip. Rhinoplasty can improve the tip of the nose to enhance its appearance.
  • Nasal Bridge: If you have an uneven nasal bridge with depressions or bumps, rhinoplasty can straighten out your nasal bridge so that it is even and well-balanced.
  • Angle of the Nose: The angle of your nose affects the attractiveness of your profile. Dr. Calabria can correct the angle of your nose so that you look your best from all sides.
  • Nostril Size: Nostrils that are too wide, too narrow, or too large may make the whole nose look odd. Rhinoplasty can adjust the nostrils so that they are well-proportioned with the rest of the nose and facial features.

Correction of Functional Problems

Most patients who undergo rhinoplasty wish for cosmetic improvements. Others require surgery to correct critical breathing function. A healthy, well-structured nose enables the individual to inhale and exhale freely while controlling the condition and flow of air. External and internal nasal deformities that are congenital or caused by a traumatic injury may obstruct this airflow. For example, the nasal septum may be deviated or damaged, or the nasal bones may be broken. As a part of rhinoplasty, Dr. Calabria can reposition these structures and correct the nasal deformities that interfere with breathing so that your nose will function well. The correction of nasal septum abnormalities is called septoplasty or submucous resection and is considered an accompanying procedure to rhinoplasty.

Board-certified California plastic surgeon Renato Calabria, M.D., has performed countless successful rhinoplasty procedures all over the world. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Calabria today, please call 310.777.0069 for his office in Beverly Hills, 760.836.0077 for his office in Rancho Mirage, or 39.349.4662323 for his international office in Rome, Italy. You may also contact him via our online contact form.

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