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How to Maintain Your Results After Body Contouring

Posted in Body Contouring

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After losing significant weight, many men and women turn to body contouring procedures like tummy tuck surgery or liposuction to remove excess skin and fat and improve body shape. Notably, body contouring only eliminates the current unwanted fat but does not stop you from gaining more.

Woman exercising outside to maintain her body contouring results.

Although the results should be long-term, they could start to wear off soon if you don’t take steps to keep the weight off. Here are some lifestyle factors to consider.

Should I Eat as I Want Following Plastic Surgery?

It goes without saying that if you consume more calories than your body burns, the pounds will start adding up again. To keep your lean and beautiful shape, you have to ensure you eat right. You don’t have to starve yourself, but make sure you eat healthy foods.

Maximize on high protein foods such as lean meats, nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains. Further, learn how to prepare healthy but tasty meals for the experience to be enjoyable. You should also eat more fruits and vegetables, less processed foods, and ensure you drink at least 64 ounces of water every day.

Should You Exercise After Body Contouring?

A good exercise routine will not only keep the pounds away, but it will help maintain a better-looking body and skin. It doesn’t have to be a rigorous routine. Just spending at least 45 minutes daily working out can have the desired results. This can be anything from walking, jogging, swimming, or yoga.

For better results, incorporate a one-hour aerobic routine at least once every week. It’s essential to be intentional about the exercise routine by setting some time aside every day. After surgery, you should start slow then build momentum as the body regains strength. Start with routines you like then incorporate more exercise techniques.

Does Stress Affect Body Size After Plastic Surgery?

High-stress levels promote the production of cortisol, which stimulates appetite. Stress-related weight gain is often characterized by fat deposits in the abdominal area. To avoid stress, deal with stress-causing situations, exercise more, and get a professional massage every once in a while. Meditation also helps with stress management. If unable to cope with the stress levels, perhaps consider seeking professional counseling services.

Most people who go through a cosmetic procedure confess that they previously slacked on their exercise routine and didn’t watch their diet, resulting in the desire for body contouring. That is why it is essential to review your goals critically to determine how much effort you are willing to put into maintaining a healthier lifestyle even before you undergo the procedure.

Interested in Learning More?

While your plastic surgeon can tone your frame through body contouring procedures, maintaining the results is absolutely up to you. Contact Dr. Calabria at (310) 777-0069  or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation and learn more about some of the best ways to maintain your body contouring treatment results.

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