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The Beverly Hills Lip Lift, Lip Enhancement, Lip Rejuvenation.

Posted in Lip Augmentation

Most of the patients in Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles area considering lip rejuvenation make a common mistake: they focus mostly on the lip itself and its volume. They perceive the lip as too small and they are seeking to make it fuller with all sorts of injectables and fillers. This leads to unnatural results.

Many Hollywood stars and celebrities are walking examples of this!

What causes a lip to age is complex and many factors are involved. The lips are surrounded by a round muscle called the orbicularis ores and its constant action causes the lip itself to thin out.

Furthermore the lip itself undergoes the same changes that the rest of the face does: smoking and sun damage are contributing factors in the aging process. Also some patients have a tendency to pierce their lips in a certain way causing more wrinkles.

One of the least desirable affects of the aging process on the upper lip is that the distance between the nostrils and the lip elongates, and less of the upper front teeth show. The combination of the lengthening of the upper lip and the deflation of the lip itself creates a very unattractive and older look.

Most of the patients, as I pointed out earlier, focus their attention on the volume, completely missing  the increasing length issue between lip and nostrils. When they make the lips bigger with a fillers, they are still unhappy with the results.  Actually the lip looks worse.

Until the lip distance is shorten the lip will never look good.

The lip lift is the answer to this problem. The lip lift is a rather simple procedure which can be performed under local anesthesia. Trough a small gull shaped incision under the nostrils the excess skin is removed. The orbicularis muscle is then shorten by anchoring it to the periosteal of the base of the nose to assure long lasting results and less scar migration. The incision is then closed with absorbable sutures. If volume on the lip is needed, the lip lift is often combined with fat grafting or fillers like Juvederm or restylane to restore a more youthful appearance.

The Beverly Hills lip lift is one of the best procedures to rejuvenate an aging lip. It can be done alone or in combination with other facial procedures under local anesthesia with a relatively short down time.

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