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5 Reasons Why Dr. Calabria’s Face Lift Is Different

Posted in Facelift

From a patient’s prospective, it is always difficult to distinguish  one face lift technique from another. Very often the difference is minimal and other factors end up influencing the patient’s choice of surgeon. In fact, most of the time patients have no clue what technique the surgeon uses, and their choice is based mostly on trust, affability, and things like media exposure .

Dr. Calabria, technique, however, is so different that it stands out from the rest.  Here are 5 approaches Dr. Calabria uses that set him apart:

1. Dr. Calabria uses a vertical vector instead of a horizontal one.

This is the most important factor. 99% of all face lift techniques use a horizontal vector.   This is the reason other surgeon’s results are, at best, unnatural. Gravity pushes down tissues in a vertical direction and the tissue needs to be moved back in exactly the opposite direction. This requires that the framework of the face, underneath the skin – specifically the muscles and fat – needs to be repositioned in a vertical direction. Why doesn’t every surgeon do it that way??  It requires knowledge and experience, it is time consuming and technically challenging.  However, it makes an enormous difference!

2. Dr. Calabria uses tumescent anesthesia

This is also very unique.  Filling up the space underneath the skin with diluted local anesthetic solution allows Dr. Calabria to do even the most complicated procedure like a face lift under local anesthesia. It also minimizes the post operative bruising and swelling as well as decreasing the pain after surgery. Most plastic surgeons use a much smaller amount of anesthetic and they do the face lift under general anesthesia.

3. Dr. Calabria uses an electrical knife so the surgery can be done more precisely.

The tumescent anesthetic fluid creates a virtual space where the cutting can be done safely. Most other surgeons use a more traditional method of cutting with a knife or scissors, which creates irregular contouring and much more bruising,

4. Volume enhancement with fat grafting and stem cell

Volume enhancement is an essential addition to face lift procedures if you want to avoid the “pulled look”. Some plastic surgeons use fat grafting during a face lift.  However, since  the survival of the fat depends on placing it  in areas that are not near where the skin is being manipulated, the standard technique really inhibits the results of the face lift.

Dr Calabria invented a procedure by which the fat or the stem cells are placed under the facial muscles and the SMAS so their survival is assured and the skin can be manipulated as much as necessary for a good result.

5. Tension-free ( VIP) closure

Most plastic surgeons discard the excess skin after the face lift and close the incisions in a standard fashion after pulling the skin tight.

Dr Calabria invented a new procedure by which the deep layer of the skin (the dermis) is saved

and used as a support before he closes the skin so there is minimal tension on the skin and the scars will be much less visible. He also believes that adding this extra support  allows the face lift results to last much longer.

These are 5 revolutionary steps that Dr Calabria introduced to make his face lift technique in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles the most technically advanced facelift procedures available in the world.

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