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Model touching her face with both handsA facelift is one of the most desired procedures in all of plastic surgery because it provides a noticeably more attractive and youthful facial appearance. Even though the procedure typically works wonders by addressing sagging skin and wrinkles on the midface, the aspect of scarring has discouraged some people from undergoing facelift surgery.

In the past, scarring and plastic surgery went hand-in-hand. In other words, if a person wanted to undergo a surgical procedure, he or she would most likely end up with some degree of scarring. However, as surgeons improved their knowledge and devised more efficient techniques, scarring became less obvious. This led to the development of the no visible scar facelift (scarless facelift), which Dr. Calabria was on the forefront of perfecting. By utilizing instruments specifically designed for minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Calabria is able to provide patients with results similar to that of a traditional facelift without the scarring that accompanies it.

Traditional vs. Scarless Facelift Techniques

A traditional facelift procedure involves making incisions at the hairline of the scalp that run down around the ear area. Although these scars are not easily noticed, they are more apparent when the ears are left uncovered or the hair is pulled back.

With the assistance of an endoscope, the no visible scar facelift allows tiny incisions to be made on the inside of the mouth and in the scalp to make scarring almost completely unnoticeable in any situation.

Since the scarless facelift is less invasive than the conventional method it also provides patients with the added benefit of a shorter recovery time. With a traditional facelift, patients can usually expect over a week or more of downtime before resuming their normal lifestyle. Comparatively, when the scarless facelift technique is performed, patients are able to return to work and their normal routine much sooner because there is less swelling and bruising.

We encourage you to contact our Beverly Hills practice for all of your facial rejuvenation needs. Dr. Renato Calabria is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and offers an array of facial rejuvenation techniques that can effectively help you attain a youthful appearance. Call (310) 777-0069 or fill out an online contact form today. Dr. Calabria looks forward to meeting you during your initial consultation and helping get the look you want.

Making New Year's ResolutionsDo you have New Year’s Resolutions? In the past, maybe your goal was to lose weight, spend more time with friends and family, or quit smoking. If you’re like many Americans, you likely have found that sticking to your resolutions is easy to do at first, but as the year drags on, you ultimately revert back to your old ways. By the end of the year, you look back only to wonder what went wrong.

As 2014 begins, you’ve probably already started your new New Year’s resolutions. To improve your chances of maintaining your goals and to finally get over that New Year’s resolution hump, we’ve provided some helpful tips.

Plan Ahead

People who procrastinate rarely see the same results as those who plan ahead of time. In other words, don’t wait until New Year’s Eve to decide on your resolution.

Slow And Steady

Completely changing a lifestyle in a few days or dropping a habit cold turkey is just not a realistic idea for most people. If your goal is to lose weight, then don’t begin your year strenuously working out 5 to 6 days a week. Instead, start with 2 to 3 days, and gradually exercise more once you feel more confident. If you wish to quit smoking, try lighting up a few times less per week until you eventually kick the habit altogether. Don’t forget about nicotine gum and patches, which have also been known to be very helpful for some individuals as well.

Partner Up

As the old saying goes, “There’s strength in numbers,” and when attempting to accomplish your New Year’s resolution, this couldn’t be more true. Studies have shown that getting a friend or significant other involved with your resolution greatly increases the chances of you completing your goal. It also gives you someone to talk to about your progress throughout the process.

Track Your Progress

Keeping track of smaller achievements will help in attaining your overall goal. Example: When attempting to eat healthier, use a journal to log what you eat, and weigh yourself once a week. Literally seeing your performance in action will help keep you motivated to accomplish your resolution.

Reward Yourself

Celebrate your success by rewarding yourself throughout the year. However, treat yourself to things that won’t contradict your progress. Example: Don’t go on an eating frenzy if your goal is to get in shape. Instead, buy yourself some new workout clothes or fitness gear that will further aid reaching your overall goal.

No matter what your New Year’s resolution is, these tips can help ensure that you stay on the right track in 2014. Perhaps your goal is to look more youthful or lose that last little bit of stomach fat that has prevented you from having that great body. At our Beverly Hills practice, Dr. Renato Calabria regularly performs many facial and body contouring procedures.

Please call (310) 777-0069 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon today. Have a Happy New Year, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

2014If you’re like most people, you enjoyed the holiday season perhaps a little too much in 2013. Now that the fun is over, you probably feel tired and guilty as a result of overindulging on food and alcohol. Everyone has their list of New Year’s resolutions, but before you attempt to kick a habit or get in the best shape of your life, why not completely purify your body with a detoxifying regimen?

The word detox simply means to rid the body of poisonous substances. By following the tips provided below, your entire body (liver, kidneys, digestive system, and skin) can become more purified, and you will also feel noticeably healthier and more energetic.

Drink Water

Keeping your body hydrated is the first step in maintaining a healthy metabolic process, which can be achieved by drinking plenty of water. This not only jumpstarts the body’s metabolism, but it also maintains the balance of minerals and electrolytes.

Limit Sugar

We live in a world of sugary snacks and drinks that really do a number on our bodies. When detoxing, you should avoid all soft drinks and candy. If you get the hankering for something sweet, make a smoothie using fruits and vegetables as a healthy alternative.

No Processed Foods

In other words, stay away from any type of food that comes in a can, box, or bag. Many processed foods contain preservatives and hydrogenated oils that contain trans-fats. This means skipping the restaurant meals too, as even healthy looking dishes are often loaded with “the bad stuff.”

Relieve Stress

No matter how great and carefree your life may be, every person experiences stress on some level. How you respond to stressors is extremely important when detoxifying your body because when stress hormones are released they act as toxins. Rather than acting on impulse when you’re feeling stressed, take a few deep breaths and try to relax. For ways to cope with stress at work, check out this great article by HealthAmbition. For other ways to prevent the harmful effects of stress on your body, try these 10 relaxation techniques that zap stress fast.

Sweat It Out

Exercise is always recommended for individuals who are detoxifying their bodies. Working up a good sweat helps eliminate waste products from the body and also improves the overall appearance of your skin.

To start 2014 off right, there is no better way than getting your body in perfect harmony with a purifying detox. Cleansing your body often leaves you with a sense of significant satisfaction. To look the way you feel, we encourage you to contact our Beverly Hills practice for cosmetic treatment. Call (310) 777-0069 or feel free to fill out our online contact form today. Dr. Renato Calabria is board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and looks forward to helping you begin your new year right.