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The latest controversial article on the Los Angeles Times about Stem Cell face lift has sparked a renewed interest on the subject and despite the good intention of the writer Chris Wohlson in educating the public about the topic, not all the facts were represented and some, in my personal opinion, were misrepresented.

It is true that a lot of the claims of the so called “stem cell face lift experts “are lacking of science and not factually based, but it is even more true that most of the experts are in actuality using doing simple fat grafting in the face and giving it a new and more catchy name: Stem cell face lift.
As I pointed out in my previous blog entry, it is a clear attempt to mislead the public. Fat grating is anything but new, when in fact some of the new technology in Stem cell research  is really a cutting edge technology and, in my opinion, worth pursuing it.
There are some scientific data backing up the fact that the fat that has been turbo-charged with this new technology has a longer survival rate that regular fat grafting and therefore the results are more long lasting to say the least.
It is clear that the technique is in evolution and more data needs to be collected in order to test the efficacy of the new procedure.
I think a distinction should be made between some doctors out here who are trying to capitalize on the newest stem cell band wagon and other, like myself, who are truly dedicated to innovative procedures and invested hundreds of thousand dollars in new technology to bring excellence to the public.