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Facial Fillers

Restalyne® | Juvéderm® | RADIESSE®

facial-fillersWith the current new trend of volumizing the face , Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria believes that the syringe needs be used as much as the knife in achieving a pleasing aesthetic result.

Facial Fillers

In fact, in his practice in Beverly Hills, Palm Springs and Italy, Dr. Calabria has always emphasized the role of fillers alone or in conjunction with other surgical procedures. Been an expert on both fronts, Dr. Calabria can give you honest advice on what is the best treatment option for you vs a doctor who may do just one or the other and he-she is biased to what he/she does best. ” If you only have a hammer, all the world looks like a nail” is Dr. Calabria’s opinion, there fore being able to give you the choice is a unique opportunity for the patient to get the best result.

Also Dr. Calabria feels that the treatment you are choosing should be effective but fore most safe and minimize the side effect. There are too many products that have been on the market that may not be as effective and too many surgeons that are jumping on the band wagon without checking first the true effectiveness of the product. Dr. Calabria feels that a product must prove itself before he chooses as an alternative to a current treatment. So you can rest assure that any treatment or products Dr. Calabria selects are the highest quality and safety on the market and they have been proved to be very effective. Further more Dr. Calabria feels that being a skilled plastic surgeon put him in a better position technically to perform “injectables” which may seem very simple procedure to a novice but it has definitely a learning curve and it requires a certain manuality combined to a sense of aesthetic that only a few possess.

Dr. Calabria also feels that some of the products are best used in one area vs the other and there fore is critical to use the right product in the appropriate area to achieve the best results.

The fillers that Dr. Calabria uses in Beverly Hills are Restalyne®, Juvéderm®, Radiesse, collagen, fat, dermal fillers. Also each of the products do have different types which are slightly different in their composition.

Restylane® and Juvéderm® can be used for the same indications which are deep lines in the face, lip augmentation and volumizing the face. Radiesse should not be used for lip augmentation but it is very effective for deep nasolabial fold and to volumize the face, specially in the cheek area. It can also be used for nasal augmentation and to correct same mild nasal deformity. Collagene is still uses for really fine lines.

Fat is used more as a volumizing agent, bit it should be used with caution; It can be very harmful if misused and very difficult to correct if overused. Dr. Calabria does not advice to use fat in the lower eyelid because of his unpredictable results.

Here is a list of the most common fillers with all the information related to them.


What is Restylane®?

Restylane® is an injectable gel that should always be administered by a trained, medically qualified practitioner, like Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria.

Restylane® enhances your natural looks by restoring your skin’s volume, creating softness and revitalizing your appearance.

Who makes Restylane®?

Restylane® is produced by Q-Med AB. Q-Med is a Swedish biotechnology/medical device company with headquarters in the city of Uppsala, near Stockholm, and offices all around the world. After a decade of clinical use, more than 10 million treatments worldwide, continuous research and safety as top priority, Restylane® has today been proven to be safe, effective and long lasting. The company continues to invest in research and development in the interests of further improving patient safety.

What are the benefits of Restylane®?

Restylane® can instantly soften telltale aging lines or improve your looks by enhancing your natural features, such as your cheeks or lips. Restylane® restores volume, improves skin elasticity, and smooths niggling lines and imperfections. Long lasting but not permanent, Restylane® allows you to stay in control of your looks.

What is the clinical experience behind Restylane®?

Restylane® is one of the most tried and tested dermal fillers available today. It is the benchmark for clinical excellence in its field. Its safety and efficacy are clinically proven and supported by robust clinical data, spanning 10 years. Research and development is continuous.

How does Restylane® work?

Restylane® is a crystal-clear gel produced biotechnologically using stabilized, nonanimal hyaluronic acid and water. The hyaluronic acid is a tissue-friendly substance closely resembling the hyaluronic acid that occurs naturally in the body. By replenishing nature’s supply of hyaluronic acid, Restylane® revitalizes and plumps up the skin, instantly diminishing the appearance of lines and giving a softer look.

What does Restylane® treatment involve?

Restylane® is injected into the skin in small amounts using a very fine needle. The gel provides hydration and structure and gives natural volume to smooth away the appearance of lines, enhance facial shape, or create fuller lips.

The treatment is very quick and often takes less than 30 minutes. The treatment benefits can normally be seen instantly and Restylane® does not affect facial expression. No skin test is required because Restylane® does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

What areas can be treated?

Restylane® treatments can be used to smooth out facial lines, create fuller lips and shape facial contours, such as cheeks and chin. It is a subtle approach to enhancing looks naturally.

The most common areas treated are:

  • from the nose to the angle of the mouth (the nasolabial folds)
  • lips (enhancement)
  • cheeks and chin (shaping)
  • back of the hands, décolletage, face (skin rejuvenation)
  • between the eyebrows (the glabellar lines)

How much does a Restylane® treatment cost?

During your pretreatment consultation, you should discuss the cost of the treatment with Dr.Calabria.

How long does Restylane® treatment effect last?

One of the great advantages of Restylane® is that the effects are long lasting but not permanent. You are always in control of your looks.

Facial lines and facial shaping: follow-up treatment is usually needed after 6-12 months

Lip enhancement: follow-up treatment is normally needed in about 6 months

Skin rejuvenation and deep hydration: after the initial intense treatment of 3 treatment sessions every 2-3 weeks, follow-up sessions are normally recommended around every 6 months

Duration depends on many factors, such as skin type, lifestyle, age, the degree of perfection demanded by the patient and the injection technique of the practitioner.

Does Restylane® treatment hurt?

Some people may experience the treatment as a mild discomfort. A local anesthetic cream is often used. Another form of anesthesia, a dental bloc, is used to numb the area when enhancing lips.

Can Restylane® be used if I have had laser treatment or a chemical peel?

If you have recently had some kind of cosmetic treatment, it is recommended you wait until the area is totally healed and the skin is back to its normal condition. This usually takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Is there any downtime with Restylane®?

You can expect slight redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, itching and/or bruising following Restylane® treatment. This is the same as you might expect with any type of injection. However, the discomfort is temporary and generally disappears after a few days. With lip enhancement, it is wise to choose your treatment time with care since your lips may become swollen and appear slightly uneven for a few days.

Are there any risks with Restylane®?

More than 6 million treatments have been carried out since the launch of Restylane® in 1996. Some common injection-related reactions might occur after a Restylane® injection; they typically resolve spontaneously within one or two days after injection. These reactions include redness, swelling, pain, itching, bruising or tenderness at the injection site. Inflammatory reactions may last for up to two weeks in rare cases. After a lip enhancement, your lips may be swollen for several days.

Are there any side effects with Restylane®?

Most people can benefit from Restylane® treatment.

Restylane should not be used in or near skin sites where there are or have been active skin disease, inflammation or related conditions. Nor should it be injected into an area where a permanent implant has been placed. Restylane has not been tested in pregnant or breast-feeding women.

During your pretreatment consultation, you should thoroughly discuss your medical history with Dr.Calabria.


What is Juvéderm®?

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers like Juvéderm® injectable gel offer a safe and effective nonsurgical option for smoothing facial wrinkles and folds. In fact, they are the fastest growing nonsurgical aesthetic procedure in the United States according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

    • Juvéderm® is the ONLY hyaluronic acid (HA) filler FDA approved* to last up to 1 year. Our unique manufacturing process provides a high concentration of cross-linked hyaluronic acid for long-lasting results. It also creates a smooth consistency gel that flows easily into the skin and provides a smooth, natural look and feel–so everyone will notice (but no one will know)! Only Juvéderm® is so smooth–other hyaluronic acid fillers currently on the market are made of granular consistency gels.**
    • A “next-generation” filler: Juvéderm® is a “next-generation” non-animal dermal filler that is made from hyaluronic acid” hyaluronic acid–a naturally occurring substance that plays a vital role in hydrating your skin and replenishing its natural volume. No allergy skin tests are needed prior to receiving treatment.

Juvéderm® injectable

Gel Restylane®†
**Dry test, extrusion of a small amount (?.025 mL) of Juvéderm® and Restylane® onto a glass surface at 9x magnification.
†Restylane® is a registered trademark of Q-Med AB.
  • Proven safety and effectiveness: Juvéderm® injectable gel is the first FDA-approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler proven safe and effective in persons of color.
  • Quick and easy procedure: Juvéderm® injectable gel is a nonsurgical physician-administered treatment that requires no allergy skin test and minimal recovery or downtime.
  • Personalized treatment: Juvéderm® injectable gel is available in two formulations – Juvéderm® Ultra for versatility in contouring and volumizing facial wrinkles and folds, and Juvéderm® Ultra Plus, a more robust formulation for volumizing and correcting deeper folds and wrinkles. This allows your healthcare professional to tailor treatment to meet your unique needs.

What to Expect During Treatment?

Because Juvéderm® injectable gel is a simple, nonsurgical wrinkle treatment, there is minimal recovery or downtime. So you can make an appointment to stop by Dr.Calabria’s office for treatment on the way home from work or the gym, or even while the kids are at soccer practice–and get right back to your life. Here’s what to expect when you visit your healthcare professional’s office for treatment. (Please note that although this experience is typical, the routine at your healthcare professional’s office may be different.)

Before you go: Some doctors recommend that you avoid any medications that can prolong bleeding, such as aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), for at least a week prior to treatment in order to reduce the risk of bruising and bleeding at the injection site. Ask your healthcare professional what he or she recommends.

When you arrive: Dr. Calabria will ask about your medical history, including any allergies you may have or medications you may take, and will tell you more about wrinkle treatment with Juvéderm®. Juvéderm® injectable gel does not require an allergy test.

Determining your treatment needs: Dr Calabria will examine the soft tissue of your face to assess the depth of wrinkles and folds to determine your treatment. Juvéderm® injectable gel is available in two formulations – Juvéderm® Ultra for versatility in contouring and volumizing facial wrinkles and folds, and Juvéderm® Ultra Plus, a robust formulation for volumizing and correcting deeper folds and wrinkles. This allows Dr. Calabria to better tailor treatment to your unique needs. They may even take pre-treatment photographs so you can see the difference after treatment!

Before the procedure: Although anesthesia is not required, Dr. Calabria may use topical or injectable anesthesia to numb the treatment area first.

The procedure: Dr Calabria will ease the Juvéderm® injectable gel under your skin to augment, or fill, wrinkles and folds. Following the injection, your healthcare professional may gently massage the treated areas. The procedure is quick and easy. The injection itself usually takes only about 15 minutes.

After the procedure: With Juvéderm®, there is minimal recovery or downtime.

For the first 24 hours following treatment, you should avoid strenuous exercise, excessive sun or heat exposure, and consumption of alcoholic beverages in order to help minimize the risks of temporary redness, swelling, and/or itching at the treatment sites. After the treatment, some temporary injection-related reactions may occur, including redness, pain, firmness, swelling, and bumps. Studies have shown that these are usually mild to moderate in nature and clear up on their own in 7 days or less. If you experience swelling at the injection site, you can apply an ice pack for a brief period. Dr Calabria will tell you when makeup may be applied after your treatment.

Seeing results: You should see an immediate improvement in the treatment areas. Most patients need one treatment to achieve optimal wrinkle smoothing. And one treatment could smooth your lines and wrinkles for up to 1 year! However, results may vary and correction is temporary. Supplemental “touch up” treatments may be required to achieve and maintain optimal results.


What is RADIESSE® Filler?

RADIESSE® dermal filler is made of calcium-based microspheres suspended in a water-based gel, and is injected into the skin through a simple and minimally invasive procedure. RADIESSE® dermal filler is the ideal choice for total facial contouring. It can restore a healthy, youthful appearance, enhance your existing features, help you defy age and gravity, and increase your confidence – all without invasive surgery or scarring.

RADIESSE® dermal filler is …

  • Naturally superior
    RADIESSE® dermal filler works with your own body in a remarkable way. Upon injection, it immediately adds volume to safely contour, correct, and beautify facial features. And unlike other fillers, RADIESSE® dermal filler continues to work over time. With its patented microsphere technology, it starts a process called collagenesis, stimulating your body to produce new collagen and encouraging collagen to grow around the injection area. RADIESSE® dermal filler actually helps your body create its own naturally younger look, setting a new standard in facial contouring and augmentation.
  • Safe
    RADIESSE® dermal filler has been clinically tested extensively for years, with excellent safety and efficacy results. It has received CE mark certification, two FDA approvals, and a number of FDA clearances. RADIESSE® dermal filler is made from a biocompatible substance that’s identical to what’s naturally found in the body. There’s virtually no risk of allergic reaction, and there have been very few side effects reported in clinical trials and actual use.
  • Immediate and long-lasting
    Treatment with RADIESSE® dermal filler is so simple and convenient, it can be performed during a lunch hour. You’ll see the results right away – and these results may last up to a year or more for many patients. The long-lasting effects of RADIESSE® dermal filler can reduce the need for retreatment, which saves you time and money compared with other fillers.

How it Works

RADIESSE® dermal filler is made of unique, patented, calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a water-based gel carrier. When injected into the skin, these microspheres initially perform as a filler – they immediately provide facial volume for a soft, natural look. The transformation is noticeable right away. Over time, your body will gradually absorb the gel carrier, but the very tiny, smooth microspheres remain.

Upon injection, RADIESSE® dermal filler immediately adds volume to facial features.
Macrophages continue to dissolve the gel carrier. Fibroblasts form new collagen.
New resident tissue (collagen) surrounds the CaHA microspheres.
The CaHA microspheres degrade and are phagocytized and metabolized by macrophages.
Even the small fragments of CaHA are decomposed at the implant site, without evidence of migration.

Smile Lines

Smile lines, or nasolabial folds, are the lines and creases that run from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth. Smile lines begin to appear more prominent with age, framing the mouth and creating an older, tired, or unhappy appearance.

Until recently, treatment options have been limited to invasive surgical procedures, like facial implants, and short-acting fillers that require multiple touchups to maintain results past a few months. But now, clinical studies prove that treatment with RADIESSE® dermal filler is a long-lasting, noninvasive option that delivers a natural look that lasts. A typical treatment with RADIESSE® dermal filler for nasolabial folds lasts a year or more in many patients, with occasional touchups recommended prior to that time.

Marionette Lines

Marionette lines, or oral commissures, are facial lines that extend down from either side of the mouth. These lines can create a serious or sad expression, even when your face is at rest.

RADIESSE® dermal filler corrects these lines immediately, and continues to correct them over time. Published independent studies show that a typical treatment for marionette lines lasts approximately 14 to 15 months, with no recommended touchup prior to that time. With a touchup, the benefits of RADIESSE® dermal filler last even longer.


RADIESSE® dermal filler can quickly improve the appearance of the nose, without invasive surgery and weeks of downtime. Treatment with RADIESSE® dermal filler (known as non-surgical rhinoplasty) can build up the bridge of the nose, camouflage a hump, balance an asymmetry, correct defects, or shape the nose tip.

You’ll see results immediately and over time. In fact, published articles reflect that Patient and Physician satisfaction with the result lasted approximately 1 year, and with no significant adverse events observed.1 Physicians correcting for nasal deformities have experienced high patient satisfaction and long-lasting results.


As we age, we start to lose fat in our faces. This is often quite noticeable in the cheek area. RADIESSE® dermal filler is ideal for adding volume to cheeks, or malar and submalar enhancement, because it can be used to treat large surface areas in one procedure. The result is a healthy-looking, contoured cheek area, like that of more youthful faces.

And your new look will last – In many patients, the results may last for a year or more


RADIESSE® dermal filler can give you a smoother, firmer chin that complements your other facial features. Reshaping and contouring the chin to create more definition is a quick, easy, in-office procedure. RADIESSE® dermal filler also effectively augments a weak chin, offering a non-surgical alternative to a chin implant.

Mental Crease

A mental crease is the deep line that forms under the bottom lip. RADIESSE® dermal filler can successfully correct the mental crease, without invasive surgery and without affecting the surrounding tissue.

Jaw Line

As skin loses elasticity over time and gravity pulls facial muscles downward, facial aging is often noticeable at the jaw line. RADIESSE® dermal filler is an excellent choice for reshaping and contouring this area. The result is a smoother, firmer jaw line that gives your face a more youthful appearance.


The hands reveal more than just gestures and thoughts – they announce our age as well. The aging process is most noticeable in the hands as skin becomes lax and wrinkled, and as underlying structures such as bones and veins become pronounced. RADIESSE® dermal filler can rejuvenate the hands by adding volume to deliver a more youthful appearance.

What is RADIESSE® dermal filler?

RADIESSE® dermal filler is setting a new standard for facial contouring and augmentation. It immediately adds volume to safely contour, correct, and beautify facial features. And it continues to work over time. It has patented microsphere technology and stimulates the body to produce new collagen for a soft, natural look that lasts.

How does RADIESSE® dermal filler work?

RADIESSE® dermal filler is made of unique, patented, calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a water-based gel carrier. When injected into the skin, these microspheres initially perform as a filler – they immediately provide facial volume for a soft, natural look. The transformation is noticeable right away. Over time, your body will gradually absorb the gel carrier, but the very tiny, smooth microspheres remain.

Once injected, RADIESSE® dermal filler starts a process called neocollagenesis, or the creation of new collagen. It stimulates collagen production in your own body and encourages collagen growth around the injection site. In many cases, results may last up to a year or more.

Is RADIESSE® dermal filler safe?

In years of rigorous clinical testing and use by physicians in hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide, RADIESSE® dermal filler has been proven to be safe and effective.

RADIESSE® dermal filler is made of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA), a biocompatible substance that’s identical to what’s naturally found in the body. RADIESSE® dermal filler does not contain any animal- or human-derived components and it has a minimal risk of allergic reaction.

After injection, RADIESSE® dermal filler will not migrate to other parts of the body. Over time, it degrades naturally into calcium and phosphate ions that are safely metabolized by the body’s own processes.

Has RADIESSE® dermal filler been reviewed by a Notified Body?

Yes. RADIESSE® dermal filler has received CE mark certification. It has also received two US FDA approvals, and a number of US FDA clearances.

How is treatment with RADIESSE® dermal filler performed?

RADIESSE® dermal filler is injected into the skin through a simple, safe, quick, and minimally invasive outpatient procedure. Treatment typically takes place in Dr Calabria’s office with the use of a local anesthetic.

Will I need a skin test?

RADIESSE® dermal filler is made of a synthetic, biocompatible substance that’s identical to what’s naturally found in the body. Because RADIESSE® dermal filler does not contain any animal- or human-derived components, there’s virtually no risk of an allergic reaction. That means you do not need to undergo skin allergy testing prior to treatment. However, if you believe you are having an allergic reaction to RADIESSE® dermal filler, seek medical attention immediately.

Does it hurt?

Dr Calabria uses a variety of pain management techniques during treatment to ensure patient comfort. Please talk to your physician about which techniques are right for you.

Are there any side effects?

There have been very few side effects reported in clinical trials and actual usage. However, you may experience some common injection-related reactions, such as mild irritation, edema, swelling, itching, discoloration, or tenderness at the injection site. These conditions typically resolve themselves within one to two days.

What if I’m taking medication?

Patients may need to refrain from taking some medications and supplements for a few days prior to treatment. If you’re taking medications or supplements, please tell your physician before receiving treatment.

How soon can I expect results?

You’ll see results immediately after treatment. RADIESSE® dermal filler continues to deliver results over time as it stimulates your body to produce new collagen. Results may last up to a year or more in many patients, which may result in fewer office visits for retreatment.

How quickly can I return to my normal activities?

Most patients experience little to no downtime and return to normal activities almost immediately after treatment. Other patients may need more time for recovery. By 24 hours after treatment, most swelling and redness will have subsided.

How long will my results last?

Treatment results last up to a year or more for many patients. Individual results may vary, depending on age, skin type, lifestyle, and metabolic rate, so be sure to discuss your expectations with your doctor.

Will RADIESSE® dermal filler become hard or noticeable to the touch?

No. RADIESSE® dermal filler stays soft and will take on the characteristics of the surrounding tissue.

Is RADIESSE® dermal filler permanent?

No. Treatment results last a long time, but they are not permanent. The tiny, calcium-based microspheres in RADIESSE® dermal filler eventually break down into calcium and phosphate ions. These ions are safely and naturally absorbed into your body, leaving your own newly produced collagen in place.

How many treatments will I need?

Many patients will achieve their desired result after just one treatment. To ensure your satisfaction, your physician may schedule a follow-up visit, where a touchup treatment might be recommended.

How much does RADIESSE® dermal filler cost?

Because treatment is customized for each patient, the cost varies. In general, the cost of RADIESSE® dermal filler is comparable to that of similar fillers. The results may last up to a year or more for many patients. That means you may need fewer office visits for retreatment, which could save you money and time. Consult your physician for a recommendation as to how RADIESSE® dermal filler can best meet your individual needs.

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