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Dr. Renato Calabria Explains Facial Anatomy As Related to BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections surgeon

Dr. Renato Calabria Explains Facial Anatomy As Related to BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections surgeon

I am Renato Calabria, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

Today we’re covering facial anatomy as related to BOTOX® injections. Facial anatomy is very complex, one that’s why a plastic surgeon is the most qualified person to do BOTOX® injections.

Let’s review each area of the phase with muscle, which involves the area. Here is the forehead. It is the most common area that we do BOTOX® on. We usually accomplish this with four injections each side. The BOTOX® paralyzes the frontalis muscle and gets rid of the lines. Other areas, they’re very commonly done close to the forehead, are the corrugator muscles, which is this muscle between your eyes, which causes the frowning between the lines between your eyes and the orbicularis muscle, which is the muscle that closes the eyes and causes the crow’s feet. Injection of BOTOX® is very powerful in this area as well. The orbicularis muscle is the muscle that closes the eyes, so we need to be conservative.

Another great area to do BOTOX® on is the so-called gummy smile. In this area, the BOTOX® injections are done above the lip in a conservative way to improve the gummy smile. You have to be careful not to overdue this area, because otherwise you would have a bit of difficulty in talking and moving your upper lips.

A very popular area is also the mentalis area, the chin area, and the corner of the mouth. BOTOX® injections done at the corner of the mouth help with the downshift of the mouth in the aging process. Injections on the chin area is very helpful in getting rid of all those lines of the chin.

Another area that is often done is the masseter muscle, which is the strong muscle that closes the jaw. Some patients have an hypertrophic muscle and injection in this area here will diminish the volume in the area of the jawline. Again, in this area, the BOTOX® needs to be more diluted than in other areas.

Another excellent area to do BOTOX® are the platysma bands, which are the bands of the neck that are due to the aging phase. BOTOX® in those areas is very effective to diminish that and improve an aging neck. Most of the BOTOX® injections are needed to be repeated within three months. Another excellent area are the lines on top of the upper lip. Here, needs to be done judiciously again, because in this area, an excessive amount of BOTOX® can cause problems in motion of the upper lip. Overall, BOTOX® is one of the most-

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