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Dr. Renato Calabria, in his practice at Beverly hills, Palm Springs, and Italy, has introduced a minimally invasive procedure to improve the look of an aging arm by lifting the skin through a small incision placed in the arm pit. This procedure minimizes the length of the scar, shortens the down time and can be done under local anesthesia. It is indicated in mild to moderate skin laxity. To improve further the contouring of the arm, liposuction is combined with the minimally invasive arm lift: by performing both procedures simultaneously, the long incision is avoided and the results are improved.

In case of marked skin laxity, the incision is longer but still placed inside the arm, so it is less visible. It can still done be done under local anesthesia, and there fore the recuperation time is shorter. It is also indicated in younger patient after massive weight loss where the skin is stretched to the point of no return.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria has been on the fore front of minimally invasive arm lift-liposuction and he feels that it is a great alternative to the traditional arm lift approach by limiting down time, longer scarring and general anesthesia.


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