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44 years old female with clear sign of aging including brow ptosis, deflation of the cheecks and accentuation of the nasolabial fold before and after endoscopic brow lift, scar less face lift and lip augmentation.

The scar less or no visible incisions face lift is a facial rejuvenation procedure which is very popular along younger Hollywood celebrities because of a reduced downtime but, foremost, because of the total absence of visible scars. Dr. Calabria has been on the forefront of this new face lift procedure, in fact he has presented his technique to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons meeting which is the most prestigious plastic surgery meeting probably in the world.

The presentation is called “minimally invasive facial rejuvenation for early signs of aging” and it has been now accepted as one of the most popular face lift procedures not only in Beverly Hills but also all around the country and the world.

The scar less or no visible scars face lift is performed by Dr. Calabria through small tiny incisions in the temporal scalp and inside the mouth. Dr Calabria uses an endoscope to visualize the dissection and special instruments which allow him to work through these small incisions. Very important factor for a natural result is the vector of pull and reposition of the tissues which is in a vertical direction. Dr Calabria uses special made anchoring sutures called Endotine which are completely absorbable and very gentle with the surrounding tissues.

Dr Calabria often combines the scar less facelift with an endoscopic brow lift in order to complete the facial rejuvenation by repositioning the brow in a more youthful way.

Scar less Face Lift Recovery

The down time of the scar less face lift is considerable less that the traditional face lift because of the absence of scars and the fact the elevation of the tissues is done at a deeper level.

Where is the Scar less Face Lift Performed?

Dr Calabria has performed this procedure in his Beverly Hills surgical center and Rancho Mirage and Palm Spring Centers. Celebrities and Hollywood  have embraced the no scar face lift because it is such a non invasive procedure and there is no risk of visible “bad” hypertrophic scarring but also because the vertical vector of the face lift pull that gives a much more natural look and completely avoids the “ wind tunnel” look of the tradition face lift.

Final Thoughts on The Scar less Face Lift

The scar less face lift is also a great alternative for a patient that has already had a tradition face lift but need to correct the stigmata of the previous unnatural face lift. Dr Calabria also believes that with this procedure there is a critical repositioning of volumes in the face with a vertical shift and recreates a most youthful appearance.

The scar less or no visible scar face lift is a great tool in correcting or avoiding the typical mistakes made in today face lift surgery. Only face lift surgeons experienced in minimally invasive endoscopic facial rejuvenation surgery should performed this procedure and Dr Calabria has been teaching and presenting this procedure all around the world and he has been on the fore front of minimally invasive plastic surgery.

If you would like to set up a consultation with Dr. Calabria please contact his Beverly Hills or Palm Springs office at 310.777.0069