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Dr. Renato Calabria is the first plastic surgeon to bring revolutionary new technology  liposonix to Beverly Hills and Los angeles.

Liposonix just received FDA clearance for fat reduction in the United States. Liposonix is a non invasive liposuction procedure based on a ultrasonic technology that produces fat reduction. Dr. Renato Calabria is the first plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and one of the few in the Los Angeles area to offer this new radio frequency fat reduction. Liposonix has been very popular in Europe where Dr. Calabria also practices and it was introduced in United States just a month ago. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria has used Liposonix in Europe and he has developed years of experience on this new non surgical ultrasonic weight reduction procedure and he is excited to be able to finally offer in his Beverly Hills, Los angeles and Palm Spring practices

Liposonix is a truly non invasive fat reduction based on a high focus thermal beam that destroys the fat cell’s membrane.

The results are very impressive: in 4-8 weeks the weight reduction is evident. During this period there is absolutely no down time.

Liposonix treatments are done in Dr. Calabria’s office. Dr. Calabria evaluates each patient that are candidates for ultrasonic fat removal. After a careful physical examination, in which he determines if the patient is a good candidate, Dr. Calabria performs the liposonix ultrasonic treatments himself. There is minimal pain involved along with Minimal bruising and swelling. The best results of this radiofrequency fat reduction are seen in 4-8 weeks. The liposonix treatment takes only one hour and in one treatment there is one size improvement. The ultrasonic procedure allows for  a smoother contour and avoids traditional complications of liposuction like irregular dents, infections, scars, indentations etc. Dr. Renato Calabria feels that Liposonix fat reduction is a revolutionary procedure that delivers an excellent weight loss reduction minimizing down time and complications. Beverly Hills celebrities are already embracing this new technology and Dr. Renato Calabria is considered the pioneer and first surgeon in Beverly Hills to offer Liposonix treatments to his high profile clientele.